Lets Start off

Lets start off with the main menu links.  This way I can keep a method to the madness

  • Home: Page always choose this to go to the begining
  • Nearby: Here You will find Grocer’s in the Area
  • Events: I will add information on things and perhaps embed a calandar to point out up and coming events
  • Getting Around: I will populate with Trimet, wheel chair vans,Cab, Amtrack, Information
  • Neighborhood maps: I love maps and I will map a lot of places over time so you know where they are at
  • Home Forward:  Program Information Building Contact information and general information.
  • Photo Gallery: if you have some photo’s to post please email them to me at hollywoodeastpdx@gmail.com
  • About: A little bio
  • Internet and email: Internet TBD
  • Email has info on how to sign up for free account



About hollywoodeastpdx

I have lived in Hollywood District in Portland for several years now. Here is my local guide. https://hollywoodeastpdx.wordpress.com/ I love what the neighborhood has to offer. Easy access to public transportation. Nearby businesses, stores and restaurants. I also maintain/ administer www.portlandbookreview.com website.
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