Open for input.

Today I searched the net for the best guide to Portland’s Hollywood District. I found it and it’s here. This site already beats the others hands down. With your input we will keep it that way. I will be posting the website on the White Board on Tuesday. I will try to coordinate with Andrew and the monthly newsletter.  I do need your help. If you have idea’s on what can be added to the site whether it’s a building topic or a neighborhood topic. Drop me an email or leave me a message. Every page and post has a reply form and they go directly to my inbox.

Let your friends and neighbors know about us. Just cut and paste this into a email message.

Added to map places to go Hollywood Postal Station on 42nd Street
Added to map places to go Normandale City Park on 57th and Halsey for off leash dog park.
Added to header menu item Digital White Board
Added to header menu item Volunteer. It will soon be moved to sub menu position under Home Forward.
Need information on wheelchair cabs and/or medical transport contact information For “Getting around>Planes Trains and Automobile sub menu Page”

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.
Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)



About hollywoodeastpdx

I have lived in Hollywood District in Portland for several years now. Here is my local guide. I love what the neighborhood has to offer. Easy access to public transportation. Nearby businesses, stores and restaurants. I also maintain/ administer website.
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