All is quiet on the Eastern Front

The tent poles were banging early @ 5:00AM I was so tired from the day before I didn’t notice it but my neighbor did (ATLAH). Beings that it was Saturday that means it’s Farmers Market Day. I had to close my windows the music was not my style. I heard it went longer then the usual 1pm quitten time.

I have Twitter and Facebook accounts that are attached to this site working correctly I think.
If you like or plan to Read The Hunger Games check this link to it
I read the 3 books in no time. Well I listened to the Audio Books less stress on the eyes and good for insomnia.
Here is a quote I found today.
Quote 8/25
“Someone told me the delightful story of the crusader who put a chastity belt on his wife and gave the key to his best friend for safekeeping, in case of his death. He had ridden only a few miles away when his friend, riding hard, caught up with him, saying ‘You gave me the wrong key!”
Anaïs Nin


About hollywoodeastpdx

I have lived in Hollywood District in Portland for several years now. Here is my local guide. I love what the neighborhood has to offer. Easy access to public transportation. Nearby businesses, stores and restaurants. I also maintain/ administer website.
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