Mac vs. PC, Update on The Continuing Debate

I have been saying this for years now and it’s still the same. Pretty much nothing has changed. Linux has become more mainstream and it all depends on what OS (operating system) you want to run. There are positives and negative about all platforms. The answer truly relies on the question what would you like your computer to do and how much money time do you want to spend. There is no right or wrong answer to the question. If you like to get under the hood you may favor Windows if you like to take the engine apart you may like what Linux has to offer. If you just want it to work you could care less what makes the clock tick and you can afford it Mac may be your best bet. This article is timeless but it does a good job explaining with out to much bias. I think he could have touched a little more on Linux it’s OS is closer to Mac (actually Mac’s OS is more like Linux) and why it’s more resilient to viruses.

Mac VS PC Update


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