When playing in the sandbox be considerate of others.

quietzoneThe computer room is to be a quiet zone. With the system volume turned down or muted. There is a space to plug your own headphones in if you have to hear your game or listening to music.

As with coins there are always 2 sides.  We will be courteous to our fellow residents. We will not raise our voices. We will treat others as we like to be treated. Security has been instructed if people cant get along they will just lock the rooms down. They are not being paid to babysit us they are paid to help protect us and our building.


About hollywoodeastpdx

I have lived in Hollywood District in Portland for several years now. Here is my local guide. https://hollywoodeastpdx.wordpress.com/ I love what the neighborhood has to offer. Easy access to public transportation. Nearby businesses, stores and restaurants. I also maintain/ administer www.portlandbookreview.com website.
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