Electronic mail, it is also know as email or e-mail. For instance to contact me:

All email needs is a username,the @ symbol, and a domain name. For instance here is an example of an email address.

Alias or handle and why you need them. It identifies you from others.  You will need to pick one for yourself to get am email address.  Anything but it might be taken so you will have to adjust it.

My name is Michael Johnson it’s pretty plain. In fact there is another Michael Johnson in the building.  So we use  a handless on the internet and sometimes various handles like mike2012 or pdxmike or some variation of the handle.  These handles are sometimes called user names.
Here is a list of some popular Free Web-mail sites. If you have a Internet Service Provider or “ISP” you can use theirs. If this is the case they can help you setup your email account.

Once you have your account you will need to log in to it. From there if you want to send a message look for the compose button. That starts you off with a blank email  in the to: Section put the recipients name in the field.

In the subject line put a brief message of what the email is about. Below that is the Body of your main message. You can also attach files (the size of the file is limited) and links to web pages. You can also embed videos like you tube as well.  These are the very basics if you have questions on whet BCC and CC fields or other general email questions drop me a line and I will be happy to answer your questions.


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