Free Events

This should go without saying

I am not Omnipotent, if you know of an event or discounted service, share you secret here. Just add a comment at the bottom of the page. I’ll spread the word and you will get the credit.

Free or discounted events

Local Book Readings for August.

Breaking Bad at Hollywood Theater

Oregon Zoo $2.50 if you show your bus pass or ticket 2nd Tuesday every month. Enjoy all of the fun wildlife and adventure at the Oregon Zoo for a fraction of the cost with $4 admission per person. Children 2 and under are, as always, admitted free of charge. Ride transit and receive an additional $1.50 off with proof of ridership. (Parking is $4 per car.)

Oregon Historical Society Free Just so Oregon Photo ID or ODL that shows you live in Multnomah County.

Portland Art Museum The Portland Art Museum offers free admission on the fourth Friday of every month from 5-8 p.m

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I heard it from a good source Larry has Box seats at the Rose Garden for Blazers games and other Rose Garden Events earmarked for HWE residents and staff. It’s first come first serve so ask him if any are still available. If he acts like he doesn’t know what your talking about that means he has already given the tickets out and wait for the next event or have him put you on waiting list.

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