TV/Computer Room


‘If You Build It, They Will Come’

Well finally got it done. The media/comp room is fully functional.

We have a beautiful flat screen in the TV room that gets the expanded basic cable package. We have chair and table coasters. Please give us a hand and keep the place tidy. We have a number of Collage Bowl games and NFL playoffs come down and root for your team. I have reserved the TV for these games. If there is a show or event you want to watch let us know in advance and you can request it. Lets try to keep the remote next to the cable box.

There are rules to playing in the sandbox. If you follow these simple rules we will all get along fine. In computer room liquids are to be kept away from the keyboards and mice.

First use the LOG-Book to sign in. All it asks of you is either your room# or the last 5 digits of the card-key (the one that gets you in the front door.) The current time and the system you are on. (1,2 or 3) Workstation 1 is closet to the door. If you want to see upgrades to the room be sure to fill this out. If we are getting a lot of use out of it we can request more resources but we have to justify it.

I have put an In-use slip of paper by the keyboards so if you need to go to your home or to the bathroom please put it on the keyboard.

Please turn off cell phones or set them to mute. If you take a call you need to head toward the hallway and talk out there. This does not mean to have a conversation between computer room through the TV room to the hallway. Tell whoever is on the phone to please wait one moment.

We will have no tolerance if you raise your voice or yell at a resident if you threaten them you will be invited to not come back and enjoy these resources.

Another thing please watch your language, and treat others with respect. This area is and will continue to be an non confrontational area.

Also treat the volunteers with respect they are giving of their time to help others.

Mac Daddy Central


Hours of operation: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

To access the lab: Sign in/out of log book on counter.

Folks this is a neat opportunity to  to have this resource so lets all make it a success!!! Thanks to Tiffany, Andrew Casey and Maintenance Staff and the volunteers  who stepped up to make this a reality. We have a varied skill level of volunteers that are committed to helping us all out

LAB RULES ver 1.03

  • Food and drinks are not to be consumed next to computer systems. TV room is ok you can eat at the table and you will cleanup after yourself.
  • Residents may use only one system at a time.
  • Residents may have guest assist users on operation of computers.
  • Pets are not allowed in the computer lab. Due to space limitations, please leave your pets at home. Exceptions may be made for pets that can type and/or use the mouse effectively.
  • If your having a problem with other resident one of  our volunteers  please arrange an appointment with Resident Services.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a resident parent or resident guardian while using the computer lab.
  • Cell phones will be silenced in the lab. Phone calls may be made or received in the hall adjoining the TV room.
  • Residents may not remove or alter any computer equipment: hardware, software, data, or other files, equipment, or resources.
  • Viewing or downloading of adult content or other offensive material is prohibited. That may lead reprimand  up to expulsion,
  • Volunteers may be present to assist residents. However, volunteers are not a secretarial service. If you are in need of assistance with typing or other computer activities, please arrange an appointment with Resident Services.
  • So as not to disturb others in the lab,  use headphones or mute or lower your system’s sound.
  • Any abandon property found in media room will be immediately  turned over to security.
  • In addition to the rules above, all other Hollywood East rules regarding resident conduct apply.

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