Hollywood East Gen Info

If you have something that needs to be on this page drop me or Andrew a note.

Elevator common courtesy: Please don’t block the door to finish a conversation. Please wait for folks to exit the elevator before you board.  If you are going up hit the up button same with the down button don’t just push them both to see which one come first.

Elevator Lobby and lost and found
Lost and found should go through front office and or security room depending which is open.
Generally items on the bench are free for the taking. Some residents do take advantage of that space when cleaning our their closet. They feel it’s akin to donating to themselves one less trip to the trash can. It’s really not the staffs job to clean up one’s messes they purposely leave in the common area.

We also have issues where we don’t need stowaways hiding in the clothes or appliances to spread to other parts of the building. If security see’s someone putting things on the bench they will call you on it and have you take it back or toss into dumpster. It’s also inconsiderate to the people with mobility issues they sometimes like to sit down while wait for the elevator.

If you are able to sneak something onto the couch and security is not there be forewarned they may look back at the CCTV camera’s and if they see who is doing it expect them to dispose of the articles and you will get the bill for the removal.

If you are wanting to donate something talk to Larry Andrew or Harry depending on what it is. They may know of someone that would like the item.

Bicycle Parking: These are for guests and visitors. Be warned their are thieves around even though there are surveillance cameras.  Trust me I have had a moped and a bicycle and another bike stripped.
The gardens: outside are for residents that have signed up. Please do not pick touch move anything down there that are not yours. It should go without saying don’t eat their food.

Community Room: Snacks provided in the afternoon

1 coffee 1 food 1 soda machine available 24 hours

Game and Bingo on Saturday at 6:30pm Sun Tea at Noon or so Check white board for up and coming events.

Laundry machine Payments: Community room past Security office it takes 5’s 10’s and 20’s machines themselves do not take money.

Laundry Floors 2,5,7,9,10,11,14

Garbage: Your Room key opens the trash compactor.

BBQ’s:  Rules. BBQ is out back

Food Boxes: Check back later today or see Harry downstairs.
Bread Donations Wednesday Afternoon: If it shows it shows.Please don’t ask front office when it will show or ask them to save you a loaf first come first serve. Please don’t take more then you can consume. It’s for the building residents not friends and relatives that happen by.

Just sticking it here for now 2010 hollywood census data

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