Week 4 Job Search

Job searchIt can be discouraging finding work or a better job, but you can do it.

The best way is to Network utilize your family and friends they can be a huge benefit in finding work.

The next good way to get employment is through temporary agency’s. The usually specialize it types of work so you need to target the right one for the skill sets you have. For instance construction, domestic help, technical work, restaurant work are various temp agency’s.


  • Weekly Paycheck
  • Can lead into long term employment
  • Learn more about the vocation and whats out there
  • You start to network with people in same field
  • You get a feel for the work your doing if this job is right for you and you circumstances


  • Short term job assignments
  • Pay is usually lower
  • Job site might be at different places every week
  • Sometime not as steady and usually first to get laid off


Things you may depending on the job A resume, transportation or Drivers license.

Finding work http://portland.craigslist.org/ Oregon employment office with it’s many resources

Another way to go is Self employment.

Takes time, Build the business, paperwork, advertising, overhead costs

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